Tam Tam Master carved, Planetary Healing Sound Mars (D), Selected by Gong master Govinda Dhruba Tiwari - 50 cm/ 20 inch

Tam Tam Master carved, Planetary Healing Sound Mars (D), Selected by Gong master Govinda Dhruba Tiwari - 50 cm/ 20 inch

Gongs are the musical instrument which is used for healing our mind and body. It has round tone where loud and resonant sound can be heard. These Gongs are of different types such as Planetary, Theraputic, Musical etc which gives different sensation of sound with plain and curved with many mantras in it. They are made up of Bronze and Brass. They are manufactured in many of the countries such as Nepal, China, Korea, Tibet, Philipines etc.

Magical Creation's best quality therapeutic and musical GONGS are to achieve deeper relaxation and inner harmony. This GONG is handmade in Nepal by experienced master craftsmen according to ancient knowledge. All the special (Modern Musical, Planetary, Universal sound, brain waves, solfeggio scales etc) category GONG are exactly analyzed in Magical Creation Sound Lab Studio (MCE) by experienced and professional Musicians.

We have Planetory, Musical and Normal Gongs, if you are intrested to buy our Gongs then we would be glad. We can provide you individual as well as Wholesale. Their price depends according to their Qualities, Designed or plain and their weight.

Planet Name: Mars
Chakra: Third eye
Astrologic Association: Aries, Scorpio
Color : Blue
Representation: Tames in Guna, energetic action, confidence and ego, Gall bladder in body part, Tuesday is day of Mars.
Overall Meaning: Mars rules over physical needs or physical expressions of emotions. As the Planet of War, when Mars is in a retrograde period it can create anger and discord. Often it turns inward and people go through periods of great self doubt. Passive aggression, inner angst, stress and anguish are all contributions of the Mars retrograde. This inner angst can be released in unhealthy ways, and directed at others. Such as creating illness, heightened stress, an increase in conflicts and severe road rage. But people who are fairly balanced individuals, both in emotion and nature, may not be as affected by this retrograde as others might be. But be assured that no one escapes its affects. Short tempers can be applied to even the most calm and patient people, God of War.
Key word: Self-assertion, survival, decisive, activity, desire, the masculine principle, physical initiative, energy, courage, originality, courage, action, determination power, virility, and resolve.
Basic Function: Propels you to take action, provides the courage necessary to remove obstacles in your path, and to find new ways of self-expression, Protects and assures, strengthens willpower, vitalizing, Passion, strength of will and focused energy.

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Name: Tam Tam Master carved, Planetary Healing Gong, Selected by Gong master Govinda Prasad Tiwari
Planet name: Mars
Musical Note: D (RE)
Size: Large
Product net weight: 3520 gm, 7.76 pound (app)
Product net diameter: 50 cm / 20 Inch (app)
Product color: Brown and Dim Yellow
Product type: Tam Tam ( Speical/Fine Carving)
Decoration: Mandala , Om, Flower of life, Seven chakra Yoga man Mystical Kala Chakra Mandala

Tags: Planetary Gong, Tam Tam Gong, Master Carved Gong from Nepal, Fine Carving Gong, Professional Healing Gong