Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

                                                                  Copyright and intellectual property protection rights. 

The information published on this website is protected by copyright law. Copy, edit, translate, store, process or
reproduce this contents in any databases or other electronic media and systems and books or publishing texts
including any pictures from our site is strictly prohibited. In need we have used but quoted or well marked the
Contents and rights of third parties. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of content or complete
pages is strictly prohibited and punishable according to country law. Only the production of copies and
downloads for personal, private and not commercial use is permitted though we will decide if one contacts and
ask us to use our intellectual property rights before using.

                          Editing, Deleting and Modification of any products or Terms and Conditions.

We may edit, delete or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time as per
our need, with or without informing in prior. According to the situation, anything may change in our website
though we will try to inform our clients as much as possible that all of you are aware of new situation.


Packaging And Delivery Info


                                                                 MCE Delivery Information

There are 3 types of delivery service we use to deliver consignment. To find out the actual time for any
type of delivery service, first you must place your order in Cart.

When you click Add to cart button for any item, your chosen item goes in Cart-you can see it in upper right side
of web page. If you click on the VIEW CART- you will see cost without shipping included. In this same page,
you can choose delivery service type and find out the approximate time and cost of delivery.)

​​Delivery Times: (According to delivery service type)

  • Manufacturing or collecting time if required + Payment or credit approval time + Packing 
     time + Shipping time 
    = Total delivery time.

1. Economic Service: The cheapest way though it takes 11-16 days from dispatch date.
2. Priority Service: Standard (medium) price, delivery from 6-9 days from dispatch date.
3. Express Service:  comparatively expensive but you will receive parcel in 4-5 days from dispatch date.
Approximate delivery time will be provided after you choose the type of delivery service.

Note:  The parcel will be dispatched after confirmation of payment. Dispatching time does not exceed 72 hours
depending on delivery service type, geographical time zone etc. 

                                                2. PACKING

     Depending on your order volume, we use different materials and methods for packing.

A) Fully Secure : We pack our products/items in recycled newspapers, bubble plastic, thin foam or thermocol,
according to how delicate is the item. It protects well inside. After that we use hardboard. Until now our clients
were always grateful to receive their items in perfect condition. It is bit more weight but 100% secured.
We recommend it for more fragile items and also for normal items to be confident.

B) Double Cardboard: Besides wrapping in newspapers, bubble plastic or foam, in this packing method we
use double cardboard which is bit lighter in weight. It is medium safe. We recommend it for medium way for most
of the non-fragile items.

C) Single Cardboard: All other inside packing materials are same but in this method we use single cardboard.
It is standard in safety.
 We would suggest it for garments.

How many countries MCE can ship/send? 

We can ship all over the world.



Secure Payment, Privacy Policy & Payment Methods

                                                         1.  SECURE PAYMENT & Privacy Policy guarantees 100% safe shopping because it uses the highest standards of
security to protect your personal information and the information related to your credit card from unauthorized
access. Your transactions are protected using the most advanced technological systems which we are paying
extra to buy their safest service certificate and coding SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

The use of the Comodo certificate guarantees the highest level of protection in the field of e-commerce.

SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login
credentials to be transmitted securely. SSL protects your (buyers) all the sensitive data from everyone,
especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information.

Neither attackers/hackers nor we can see your personal and secret information.
All the payment is done either with your SWIFT code with any payment card or bank transfer or online
banking through PayPal. 

How can one know if he is surfing SSL protected/ secured page or not?
If the page starts with "https" in the address bar, it is SSL protected page and secured to do online


                                           2.  Mode/method of payment:

A) Wire or Swift Transfer  
Wire transfer is preferable as per our country rules although we also accept credit card or other methods of

B) Credit card transfer/ or online order payment
With association through PayPal, we accept all the kind of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard,
American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club, EnRoute etc.   


Return & Other Terms, Conditions

                                                      Returns & Refund Guarantee
We guarantee to return and refund of the items that are sold on our site
   If the item/s that you purchased was not as described on the website or not similar as in pictures,
please contact us

within 15 days of receipt and we will try to solve the issue. Depending on the problem, we agree to
exchange the goods or refund the paid amount of money. We have described less than our products are.

                             Scope of Guarantee

The following situations are not included:
1. An item you claim is not as described, but the seller can prove that it is.
2. Items that were delivered and are as described, but you no longer want it.
3. The items are delivered as described but you do not like colors, design, sound etc.

              Proof of refund
1. All products claimed by the buyer to be not as described must match items sold by the seller (us).
2. Refund requests should be submitted within the 15 days of receipt. Buyer can submit the request
via e-mail or letter.??
3. Buyer should provide enough evidence to prove that products received are not as described.

      All the orders will be shipped by courier or cargo company that is suitable for us or, if you have any
preference, we will send it but with your own risk. Please, remember that shipping rates are different
for different countries. We provide approximate rate in our website but we will quote final rate when
we know your order.

(Shipping costs are calculated automatically or as per shipping agent based on the weight, the volume
of units and on the segment shipment will be sent.)

                                    Return Shipping Fee
1.  We provide high-quality goods to our clients. If there is defect in our product/s we inform our
clients through pictures on website focusing at the defected part. More than than we will inform
by mail before shipping.  As long as our sold products is/are in the same condition and shape as we
have sent it to you. We will take it back. In any case, we never send damaged products. In case the
client is not satisfied with ordered products/item, we refund product price only excluding shipping and
insurance cost.

 2.  When seller/MCE accepts returns, and the buyer wants to return purchase product/s, please simply
 follow the seller's f Returns and refund terms and condition that who will pay the return shipping fee.
If the buyer can prove that the products are not as mentioned or damaged, MCE/Seller will pay
the returning shipping fees, if the buyer does not like the purchased product/s or change decision
that it is not necessary or something ..... buyer shall pay the return all the shipping fees.
Please contact us in advance to manage the issue.

3.  MCE/Seller can decide whether to get product/s back to the store or not. If return not necessary,
the client can keep the product.

                                                                                       ​MCE Products and quality:

Magical Creation Company was first founded on year 2008 as musical company which was involved in
professional music production, distribution, creation and manufacture and has done several activities in
musical and sound field. Lately we have reformed this company and added several activities including
importing and exporting of different goods. We are group of international countries with honesty,
hard working, experienced and creative-minded people with deep knowledge in ancient traditional
healing and treatment manners.  
Very practical and trustable thing is that owner of the store has gained more than 2 decades long deep
experience in various professional music fields through his professional hands, attentive and sensitive ears and
loving heart. The items placed here (especially Singing bowls, Bells, Tingshaws, Gongs and all the musical
instruments) are chosen by experienced professional Artist.
            We try to inform if there is any small defect on our items, although Singing bowls can be
with small scratches, irregular color, bit irregular size – this is normal as they all are handmade by
master craftsmen according to ancient method which is keeping history alive. Certainly hand
work cannot be compared with digital and technological machine's production.

Our aim is to serve with high quality goods and high-standard and user-comfortable service to develop
trustable and long term relation with our clients. MCE is responsible, national government registered, licensed,
tax and VAT payer company with head office in Kathmandu with its international branch in EU. We have
professional experience of working with international clients that till today we have good reputation with positive
testimonials which is another positive factor.  "Let's live and let to live"

                                                                          Customer Service:

In our warehouse/stock we have many more items that are variable in size, colour, decoration, carving, height,
diameter etc., that are not displayed in this website, therefore we kindly request to send inquiry without any
hesitation. It will be our pleasure to provide you all details of the products including prices and catalogue that
you can have exact what you are looking for.

We will write you back as soon as possible (within 24 hours) with required details.
For any queries, problems or concerns with respect to the delivery of your order please contact our
Customer Service Department at email ..........