An Introduction from the Author


My soul has always been vibrating with music. As far as I can remember, music has always been part of my life.


My name is Govinda (Dhruba) Prasad Tiwari. I was born in Nepal in a small hilly village nested in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. If I was blessed to have grown up in this amazing natural environment, the reality of the daily life in rural of Nepal was nevertheless harsh but I gratitude universe (God/Goddess) my parents, my neighbors and surrounding because I have got sufficient chance for inner growth in my childhood. Thanks universe that I had chance to do all what I have done in my childhood, but not now! :)


Our village did not have any of the modern facilities we can enjoy nowadays. There was no electricity, no road, access to medical facilities, leave alone mobile phones and internet which did not exist at that time. A community of dozens of hamlets and villages was our world and rice our subsistence. The culture of the rice is hard work and its cycle only provides little respite in certain periods of the year. From early morning till sleeping time, the life of villagers was spent in the rice fields and other domestic chores. Our villages were poor. Life in village was tough and harsh. Means of entertainment were thus very rare and few.


Music and dance were among these rare moments of entertainment. Whenever it was possible, villagers would gather in someone’s home and play, sing and dance. We would sing kirtans and bhajans (devotional songs) and folkloric songs. During these moments, the harsh reality of life was forgotten. These were instants of joy and happiness. When I was a child, I very quickly grasped the language of music. I was naturally gifted for music. I could play any instrument. I was therefore requested to join and play in any of these gatherings. Not surprisingly, I had chosen Music as my major subject in university and later became a professional musician.


Besides music, my childhood was also invested in the studies of Vedic texts, teachings and rituals. I was born in a Hindu kingdom and am the eldest son of a Brahman family. In our society, the cast-system and respect of traditions are very important. Ancestral knowledge is transmitted from a generation to the next. As such, my father taught me the reading of our holy books, the preparation and conduct of ceremonies and rituals (puja), the meanings and symbolisms behind the sacred verses. Amazing, I can't believe that he new most of the holy books ( Shreemad Vagawat Geeta, Mahabharat, Shree Krishna Charitra, Gunaratna Mala, Ramayana etc, I would say more than 300,000 verses at least) each and every verses by heart, all memorized as in books!  He had unbelievable memories! In Nepal, there is a long history of ethnical and cultural exchanges with a high degree of syncretism of these varied religious and spiritual practices. Nepal lies at the crossroads of the world’s most ancient spiritual systems. This has created Nepal’s unique blend of diverse cultures and traditions. My lineage is from a Brahminic tradition, but we have a lot of respect and understanding of other spiritual systems, notably Shamanism, which was much prevalent in our area, Tibetan and Tantric Buddhism.


As for music, this learning was not only very natural to me but also extremely inspiring. I was enjoying the regular gatherings around my father. For his deep knowledge, my father was a much-respected figure in our area. My home was thus a kind of ashram where villagers, ascetics, priests and others would gather to discuss spirituality and read sacred texts.


I wanted music to be my life…


I had come to Kathmandu to complete my education. At that time, I was aspiring to be a musician. Far from my family and without financial resources, I had to sustain my education by playing in “Lok Dohori”, restaurants where live musicians are entertaining the audience with our rich and diverse Nepalese folkloric and traditional music. After struggle and perseverance, I finally succeeded to become a renown national artist. I was established in the Nepalese music industry as a full-fledged professional musician: author/lyricist, composer, singer, player (harmonium, clavier, flute, percussions). I also established my own company involved in the musical creation, production and distribution in Nepal.


I was dreaming to see the world…


In my childhood, my village and its surrounding fields was the only world I knew. When I came first to Kathmandu, a new world opened to me. I came to meet many foreigners and thus started to have many friends from many countries. I visited several countries: India, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Latvia, Spain. Later, I also got involved in the tourism industry as I could share my passion to foreign visitors about Nepali culture and music, traditional knowledge and spirituality, local lifestyle and amazing landscape.


An amazing and cosmic encounter…


As goes the saying, nothing in this world happens by accident. While accompanying a group of Swiss people, one man requested me to bring him to a singing bowls showroom. I brought him to a place I knew. This man took one bowl and stroke it. He put it back apparently not happy with the sound. He took another bowl. Again, after testing it, he did not seem happy. After a few other tests,


I was first introduced to the planetary Himalayan singing bowls when I was tasked by one Swiss therapist friend to help him in finding some bowls with specific properties. For this purpose, as a sound engineer, I created in Kathmandu a sound laboratory dedicated to measure precisely the frequencies of the bowls. I later received also his teaching in the Sound Massage therapy.



I've got first Reiki course on 2010 but after this encounter, sound healing became the engine of my life. I needed to know more about it, to understand the secret of sound healing. I was insatiable. I went to several courses and learnt various techniques. I was notably very privileged to receive the teachings of Don Conreaux, for whom I was also his assistant in a few of his Gong Master (Puja) courses. Besides the techniques, I came to realize about the inextricable links between yoga and sound healing and other energetical works. I was understanding the teachings of my father from a new perspective.


I subsequently undertook through several spiritual sadhanas, retreats, learnt various forms of yoga (pranayama, japa, kundalini including Tantra, Mantra and Yantra)


Teaching in planetary sound healing…


I started teaching in planetary sound healing from 2014 but I was mostly working as assistance teacher of my teachers in the beginning and when they instruct and push me to teach, I have accepted and continuing.


Today there are uncountable sound therapy method mostly imagined by each individuals but systematic, logical and researched ones are rare. I would rather say, a good good seller claims himself as a sound healing master or sound therapist in every local street of Nepal (also in most of the countries). It is better not to belive and trust every people but to test them before. Of course "SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING BUT SOMETHING IS NOT EVERYTHING!" It mean that to know something and to share it is good but claiming oneself sound healing master or sound therapist just watching on youtube or other facebook or reading few sallow text is not sufficient to be a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. One must not forget that teaching or becoming a sound healing master/therapist is a big responsibilities. While friendly and good sound can heal but unfriendly or unnecessary sound can also kill or harm! Sound.

I have learnt sound therapy (sound massage) or healing with 9 different teachers to deepen my knowledge and to explore different techniques. Among them I am using only 2 teachers method who are teacher rather than a smart seller! There are only few 'schools' of planetary sound therapy methods or ‘schools.’ During my years of intense apprenticeship, I learnt about a dozen of methods. I went to Germany and undertook formation with some of well-known and precursors in the field of therapeutic singing bowls. I went to Spain and Switzerland. In my own country, Nepal, I took courses with reputed masters. Each of them has their own systems, methods and playing techniques.
Good news that I am in the final step of correction to publish a new, most advance and experiences collection PLANETARY SOUD THERAPY BOOK in coming days then many things will be clear what I am talking here. 


I have thus observed varying degrees in the quality or seriousness of the techniques. Frankly speaking, I could hardly find any value in most of the courses I've taken. The techniques are minimalistic and do not follow any logic or system. The knowledge of ancient teachings is over-simplified. Well, I felt more that these so-called masters were taking advantage of the special aura that my country enjoys in the field of spirituality and singing bowls, particularly to foreign tourists who take every of their words for granted. It is better to be aware, to be conscious and smart before becoming good client of seller (bad teacher) instead invest more to get real knowledge. 


It is in the West that I found the most valuable formations. There is a genuine interest towards spirituality and a better understanding of the world. Ancient teachings are being re-visited and enriched with contemporary knowledge. More particularly, I have been impressed by two masters who taught planetary sounds healing in the most comprehensive way. It is thanks to their invaluable teachings and guidance that I am now in turn in a position to teach others.


Jean-Daniel Isenschmid, planetary sound healing and reiki master, is my mentor in the field of planetary singing bowls. He not only taught me the techniques, methods and fundamentals, but has continued to provide me with guidance and support whenever necessary.


Don Conreaux, gong and kundalini yoga master, is my mentor in the field of gong and yoga. He taught me the secret of gongs and planetary sounds.


Therefore, my teachings in the field of planetary singing bowls and gongs are based on the ‘Hertz Therapy’ by Jean-Daniel Isenschmid (Boo & Corona®) for singing bowls and on the ‘Gong Pooja® by Don Conreaux for gongs. Even though I have adapted their techniques with a few additional components, the fundamentals are based on their methods.

I am on the way of : 
Live joyfully and help other to live with joy.
Win+Win+Win+Win theory. 

Simplicity, Truth, Trust and Love. 

Govinda (Dhruba) Tiwari

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