MCE STANDARD Mallet (Drumstick/Singing Bowl Stick) to play singing bowls essential - Large Size

MCE STANDARD Mallet (Drumstick/Singing Bowl Stick) to play singing bowls essential - Large Size
Drumsticks/Mallets are locally made in Nepal and available in varying sizes and densities of different felt head. It is important to use the appropriate mallet according to the size of the bowl and to acchive desired sound effects. Hard felt and rope felt mallets bring higher pitched frequencies while soft felt mallets bring lower frequencies and are thus also recommended to play gongs. MCE standard mallets are specially designed with a specific felt head which is neither too hard nor too soft to bring out the most vibrant sounds and vibrations. MCE standard mallets are recommended for use in sound therapies with singing bowls. Double headed mallets are specially designed for use in therapies and offer the possibility of having two different head sizes in one mallet.
Handles of mallets are of beech wood, Tic wood or can be also of different woods and available in standard design or with a specific design by MCE (GT design) for a better grip and handling of mallets during sound therapies. We also can provide modified or new design according to clients wish if neeed in quantity.

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Name: MCE STANDARD Mallet (Drumstick/Singing Bowl Stick) for Singing Bowl
Size: Large
Weight: 130 gm, 0.28 pound (app)
Diameter: 6 cm, 2.2 inch (app)
Length: 32 cm, 12.5 inch (app)
Color: Available in white, grey & orange
Type: Felt
Note: Order of more than 20 pcs same products, (all together minimum Product net weight more than 50 kg of any products or all products together) we consider you wholesaler. In this situation, we can provide you according special product and shipping price, we can manage your own design, color, size and style within 3 weeks.

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