Gong and Singing Bowl Professional Course – All Levels
Fee: CHF 1,820
Date and Place: 10 to 21 May, 2024
Place: Magical Cosmic Sound Healing Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Sound = Vibration = Energy

As the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla puts it:

“If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

The entire physical universe is made up of pure energy and vibration. When you understand that everything you see is vibration, the nature of the universe is revealed to you.

In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, it is time to recharge and reconnect with the fundamental vibrations of the universe. The workshop offered by Govinda (Dhruba) Tiwari invites you to discover Himalayan and planetary singing bowls and their therapeutic, musical and amazing properties more than than applications of bowls in sound therapy and methods.

Whom is this Course for?

Basically, this workshop is aimed at those interested in learning more about the fascinating world of the vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls and their fabulous therapeutic properties.

This is a day of orientation during which are introduced the different types of bowls, instruments and other accessories needed in the practice of singing bowls, and some simple techniques of use and application. This workshop is a first step for those who wish to later supplement their knowledge and take a professional sound therapy course using the planetary singing bowls.

This workshop is also suited for those who already practice singing bowls and wish to learn more about their properties and possible applications.

What can you expect from this Course?

From a theoretical point of view:

• The different types of singing bowls and their respective properties
• The various sound instruments (bells, tingshas, conch shells, chimes) and accessories used in sound therapies
• The main techniques for simple uses and applications of singing bowls
• The main benefits of sound treatment and therapies

From a practical point of view:
• You'll know how to play and use singing bowls and other instruments
• You will have learned some simple techniques of treatment and sound massages
• Cleaning the aura
• Stimulating vision
• Self-tuning and energy balance
• Headache and head massage
• Sexual and relational stimulation
• Back pain
• You will be able to give small treatments and massages for yourself and your loved ones
• You will know how to choose your instruments according to your specific needs.

What benefit will you obtain from Singing Bowl Course?
» You will understand the difference between tuned (based on precise analysis) Himalayan singing bowls (planetary) and normal singing bowls (ornaments).
» You will learn about the use of planetary Himalayan singing bowls and accessories, their healing properties and connection with the solar and universal system.
» You will understand about the planetary properties of Himalayan singing bowls and your ruling, friendly and enemy planets.
» You will be able to use correctly and in a professional way Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments for your own benefits.

And more specifically:
»How to use and play singing bowls, bells and Tingshaws in a correct way;
»The various methods of Sound& Hertz therapy;
»How to produce sounds effectively according to bowls and accessories;
»The importance of using these techniques correctly;
»Healing properties & possible treatments;
»Self-practice and practice on each other (group);
»Videos of the process of manufacturing singing bowls and current scientific studies (optional);
»Combination of Mantras with sound and vibration healing (optional);

• Aura cleaning’ with 1 planetary bowl.
• Vision cleaning and self-tuning techniques with 1 planetary bowl
• Head massage treatment for headaches with 1 planetary bowl
• Back pain treatment with 1 planetary bowl
• Complete relaxation with 2 Planetary Singing bowls
• Interior Journey with 4 Planetary Singing bowls
• Back and neck pain with 6 planetary Singing bowls

• 7 bowls of birth and childhood trauma-removing therapy,
• 8 bowls of inner harmony therapy
• 10 bowls of children / youth handling therapy

How can you use acquired knowledge?
You can apply learnt techniques to your friends, family and yourself, and more particularly provide some relief to children, senior, handicapped, disabled persons;
You can use learnt techniques in a professional way and start working with clients.

This Course is intended
o For those who are interested to learn about Himalayan singing bowls, their amazing healing properties and healing methods (sound / hertz therapy);
o For those who want to be introduced to basic to advance features of ‘sound / hertz therapy’;
o For those who plan to work professionally in the field of ‘Sound / hertz therapy’ with the use of planetary Himalayan singing bowls.

Gong Professional Course – Level I & Level II
From ancient times, sound healing, be it tone-overtone, word or mantras, voice, instrumental or chanting, has existed well before modern medicine.

Gongs are representing the universe sound and vibration which has capacity to heal or cure any kind of disease if one knows the appropriate way of its utilisation, playing techniques and knowledge of gongs and singing bowls. More than that, planetary gongs and singing bowls have the therapeutic effect of relieving from stress and anxiety, and acting as a painkiller for a number of physical ailments.

Whether one believes it or not, when planetary gongs or singing bowls including, as well as other ancient healing sound instruments, are played correctly, then the brain waves starts to receive slower waves and lower vibration which helps anyone to get inner calm and peace. As a result, participants start to get into Alpha, Theta or even Delta states. At this stage, our body starts to fix the broken and disconnected cells which messed up brain and heart connection and coherence. Then starts the process of synchronisation where most of the damaged cells and imbalanced energies startto re-harmonise. This results in achieving inner peace and complete state of relaxation.

What benefit will you obtain from this course?
» You will understand the difference between tuned and other gongs
» You will learn about the use of planetary gongs and accessories, their healing properties and connection with the solar, universal system and its impact on different system on living being or human.
» You will be able to use correctly and in a professional way for Gongs and other instruments for your own benefits.

And more specifically:
- How to use and play Gongs and other accessories in a correct way;
- The importance of using these techniques correctly according to different situation;
- How to produce sounds effectively according to Gongs and accessories.
- Healing properties & possible treatments;
- Self-practice and practice on each other (group);
- Combination of Mantras with sound and vibration healing (optional).


About the teacher: Govinda Prasad Tiwari was born in Nepal, in a small hilly village nested in the shadow of the Himalayan Mountains. Blessed to have grown up in an amazingly rich natural environment, in the lap of traditional Brahmin farmer family, Govinda was raised to gain great knowledge of self-awareness from harsh realities of the daily life in rural parts of Nepal. Since his childhood, Govinda has been playing music: Nepali folk music, devotional hymns (Bhajans/kirtans), dance, Satsang (spiritual discussions) or reading Veda (ancient books) were among the only means of entertainment at that time.

Govinda’s father was a Brahmin respected in the village for his deep knowledge of vedic traditions and other spiritual teachings. The family’s home was a kind of ashram (spiritual school) where villagers, visitors, Saddhus and Mahatmas (sages) and other ascetics would often gather and share their experiences, and perform with spiritual activities and rituals. This natural and spiritual environment nurtured Govinda’s soul and was determinant in his connection with universal energies.

Govinda’s major subject was music and his early professional years were dedicated to the Nepalese music industry as a full-fledged professional Musician and Singer. Throughout the years, Govinda became a renowned national artist (author/lyricist, composer, singer, musical instruments player). He further expanded his professional experience as a Sound Engineer in the arrangement of musical compositions and recordings. In early 2000’s, Govinda established two main companies involved in the creation, production and distribution of songs and music, mostly in Nepal and in the tourism industry whose specialty is to propose unique travel experiences and amazing spiritual adventures, which include retreats in various locations of Nepal and Tibet.

Besides his professional activities, Govinda pursued his spiritual path with retreats and spiritual teachings in various ashrams in Nepal and India. In 2008, Govinda was first introduced to the planetary Himalayan singing bowls with Swiss Master Jean-Daniel Isenschmied during a mission in Nepal to search for singing bowls with specific planetary properties. Based on his experience as a Musician and Sound Engineer, Govinda created a laboratory in Kathmandu (Nepal) to measure and analyze frequencies and other properties of singing bowls.

Since then, Govinda could benefit from the deep knowledge and teachings of his Swiss Master. Govinda’s initiation was further strengthened with courses and teachings from renown therapists and healers: Gong Master Don Conreaux (USA) well known masters of (Nepal), Peter and Emily Hess (Germany), Suranna, (Slovenia), Angelo (Portugal).

These days, Govinda dedicates his time and energy to combine all these teachings, to apply them, to test them with physical reality and scientific evidences and to share his acquired knowledge to wider audience.

Govinda (Dhruba) Tiwari,  Planetary, Therapeutic Singing bowls and Gong Master, Versatile Musician (Singer-Songwriter-Producer-Studio Technician)

For further information about teacher, please click following link:


Booking and Payment policy
Ensure the confirmation of your booking by submitting a minimum 30% advance payment to our designated account. For a smoother process and to avoid additional transfer fees, we recommend transferring the full amount. Kindly note that the entire payment must be settled before the course commences. Thank you for your cooperation!

Net Course Fees:
The fees listed represent the net course charges, with any transfer fees falling under the responsibility of the course participants.

Discount Assurance:
To avail a specific discount, payment must be received in our account by the specified date.

Flexible Teaching Options:
»We conduct classes at our Sound Healing Academy in Kathmandu, Switzerland, and various partner centers worldwide.
»Teachers have the option to conduct sessions via Google Drive/Zoom, with a minimum requirement of 2 participants.
»If you wish to host our courses and events at your location, we would be grateful to share this impactful knowledge. Feel free to reach out to us via email for more details.

Course Requirements:
» Minimum of 2 participants needed to run the course.
» Special private courses available for individuals at the cost of a minimum of 2 participants.
»Discounts offered on product and instrument purchases before or during the course.
» Groups of more than 4 people can enjoy enhanced discount rates on product and instrument purchases.

Refund Policy:
»A 90% refund is granted if an unforeseen situation is substantiated and communicated 45 days prior to the course date, with a deduction for transfer fees.
»A 60% refund is applicable for unforeseen situations proven and communicated before 30 days from the course date.
»Unforeseen situations proven and communicated before 15 days from the course date entitle a 30% refund.
»No refunds will be provided within 14 days of the course date. Your understanding is appreciated.

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Course Name: COMBO COURSE AND RETREAT (Planetory Theraputic Gong and Singing Bowl) with Certification
Level: All
Duration: 9 days (72 hours)
Date: 10 to 21 May 2024
Address: Magical Cosmic Sound Healing Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal
Teacher Name: Govinda Dhruba Tiwari