First Level Planetary Singing bowls Therapy professional course in La Cheux de Fonds, Switzerland on 24-26 January 2020

First Level Planetary Singing bowls Therapy professional course in  La Cheux de Fonds, Switzerland on 24-26 January 2020
Date and Place: January 24,25 and 26 in La Cheux de Fonds, Switzerland, 2020
Fees: Early Bird Booking until 30 Nov 400 CHF and regular booking 450 CHF
Special invitation for public: Planetory Gongs,Singing Bowls and other healing sounds.
What benefit will you obtain from this Course?
» You will understand the difference between tuned (based on precise analysis)of Gongs.or> » You will learn about the use of planetary Gongs and accessories, their healing properties and connection with the solar and universal system.
» You will understand about the planetary properties of Gongs and your ruling, friendly and enemy planets.
» You will be able to use correctly and in a professional way for Gongs and other instruments for your own benefits.

And more specifically:
How to use and play Gongs and other accessories in a correct way;
The various methods of Sound & Hertz therapy; How to produce sounds effectively according to Gongs and accessories;
The importance of using these techniques correctly; How to produce sounds effectively according to Gongs and accessories.
Healing properties & possible treatments; Self-practice and practice on each other (group);
Videos of the process of manufacturing Planetory and Theraputic Gongs and current scientific studies; (optional)
Combination of Mantras with sound and vibration healing (optional).
• Aura cleaning’ with 1 planetary Gong.
• Vision cleaning and self-tuning techniques with 1 planetary Gong> • Complete relaxation with 2 Planetary Gongs
• Interior Journey with 4 Planetary Theraputic Gongs
About the teacher.
Govinda’s father was a Brahmin respected in the village for his deep knowledge of vedic traditions and other spiritual teachings. The family’s home was a kind of ashram (spiritual school) where villagers, visitors, Saddhus and Mahatmas (sages), and other ascetics would often gather and share their experiences, and perform with spiritual activities and rituals. This natural and spiritual environment nurtured Govinda’s soul and was determinant in his connection with universal energies.
Govinda’s major subject was music and his early professional years were dedicated to the Nepalese music industry as a full-fledged professional Musician and Singer. Throughout the years, Govinda became a renowned national artist (author/lyricist, composer, singer, musical instruments player). He further expanded his professional experience as a Sound Engineer in the arrangement of musical compositions and recordings. In early 2000’s, Govinda established two main companies involved in the creation, production and distribution of songs and music, mostly in Nepal and in the tourism industry whose specialty is to propose unique travel experiences and amazing spiritual adventures, which include retreats in various locations of Nepal and Tibet.
Besides his professional activities, Govinda pursued his spiritual path with retreats and spiritual teachings in various ashrams in Nepal and India. In 2008, Govinda was first introduced to the planetary Himalayan singing bowls with Swiss Master Jean-Daniel Isenschmied during a mission in Nepal to search for singing bowls and Gongs with specific planetary properties. Based on his experience as a Musician and Sound Engineer, Govinda created a laboratory in Kathmandu (Nepal) to measure and analyze frequencies and other properties of Gongs ,singing bowls and other Acessories.
Since then, Govinda could benefit from the deep knowledge and teachings of his Swiss Master. Govinda’s initiation was further strengthened with courses and teachings from renown therapists and healers: Gong Master Don Conreaux (USA) well known masters of (Nepal), Peter and Emily Hess (Germany), Suranna, (Slovenia), Angelo (Portugal)
These days, Govinda dedicates his time and energy to combine all these teachings, to apply them, to test them with physical reality and scientific evidences and to share his acquired knowledge to wider audience.
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Grade/Level: First Level
Duration: 3 Days
Fees: Early Bird Booking until 30 Nov 450 CHF and regular booking 480 CHF
Date: 24,25, 26 January 2020
Time: 10h - 17h
Place: La Cheux de Fonds, Switzerland