CHIRON - Planetary, Therapeutic, UNIQUE, RARE, BUDDHA'S MEDITATION  Singing Bowl - Medium Size

CHIRON - Planetary, Therapeutic, UNIQUE, RARE, BUDDHA'S MEDITATION Singing Bowl - Medium Size

Product Code:SB1A-03498
Price: 170.60€
Name: CHIRON & PLATONIC YEAR- Planetary Therapeutic Singing Bowl
Size: Medium
Weight: 597 gram
Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 11.5 cm
Octave: 4
Color: Antique
Type: Unique
Decoration: No special decoration.
Age: We put it in Real Antique in our Categorie. It has been said and believed that this bowls is minimum 80-100 Years old but it could be much older according to it's look, feeling and other.
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Magical Creation Enterprise’s best selections of planetary singing bowls, gongs, Tingshaws and bells and other sound and vibrational instruments are analyzed in a modern sound & frequency laboratory through custom-made devices designed by IT engineers and experienced sound therapy Masters. All our labeled products are analyzed and measured several times then finally controlled and tested by professional artist, Gong Master, recording studio technician and Planetary Singing Bowl sound Therapy/healing Master Govinda Pd. Tiwari, ("Planetary Singing bowls Master" - given name by Grand Gong master - Don Conreaux), Jean Daniel Ischenschmid and team.

Our products are manufactured in Nepal and tested to ensure the most adequate sound and healing properties and are falling within tight requirements in terms of size, thickness, metal alloy, production period, etc. The analysis of these properties is time-consuming as it takes at least 30 minutes to measure one bowl or gong.

In general, only 30% of all bowls/gongs measured are presenting required sound properties for therapists. The rest (70%) of the bowls having no particular sound properties are sent back to the supplier and destined for local market and tourists.

Our products are sharply effective and bringing positive results when if one knows one knows appropriate way of use, according to different, anatomy, methods, problems and different elements.
We are also providing master classes on Planetary Singing Bowls sound healings/Therapies worldwide on request to use these precise instruments as alternative therapeutic/healing products to get full effect according to ancient natural medicines with connection of universe, associated with astrology.

Our products provide the best choice for professional sound therapists, healers, yoga masters, musicians, Yogis and for individuals as a best souvenir or gifts willing to achieve deeper and complete relaxation, inner harmony and peace which helps to solve most of the problems that one may be facing.
Planet Name: CHIRON
Chakra: Crown, Throat, (Thymus gland) and Third eye
Astrologic Association: Virgo
Overall Meaning:
It takes Rules over spirituality (or the higher purpose) in everyday business matters.
Key word: Non-traditional healing methods, alchemy, vision, destiny, self-sacrifice, animal power, integrity, strength, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, dependability, unconventionality, and craftiness.
Basic Function: Chiron is the wounded healer, a catalyst to help us access our deepest wounds so that we may move forward with strength, compassion, and wisdom to achieve our true destiny, internal healer, light full, removes old wounds, Initiation.

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