OM - Planetary, Therapeutic, Healing, Tibetan, Handmade, Jambati, Superior Real Antique Singing Bowl - Large Size

Similar product Available OM - Planetary, Therapeutic, Healing, Tibetan, Handmade, Jambati, Superior Real Antique Singing Bowl - Large Size

Magical Creation Enterprises best selections of Planetary Singing bowls, Gongs, Tingshaws, Bells and other therapeutic sounds are analyzed in our modern sound and frequency lab through custom-made, new designed devices by multinational company's IT engineers, experienced Planetary sound therapy Masters and sound technicians group. All our products which are labeled are several times measured, analyzed and rechecked by well experienced, professionals in this field then finally controlled and tested by professional artist, Gong Master, recording studio technician and Planetary Singing Bowl sound Therapy/healing Master Govinda Pd. Tiwari, ("Planetary Singing bowls Master") - given name by Grand Gong master - Don Conreaux, Jean Daniel Ischenschmid.

Our products are manufactured in Nepal in our production observation to provide the best healing instruments. Even though we make special manufacture for us according our requirements with very tied and sharp rules in size, thickness, height, diameter, metal combination, production time etc. only (approximate) 30% sound instruments comes in our criteria to meet our standard. Rest 70% of our REJECTED products goes to tourists through local merchants. It is time consuming act as it takes us minimum 20-30 minutes to analyze each instruments and its properties for first time more than that every re-analyze and master control but its our great pleasure to get positive comments as these products are sharply effective, bringing positive results if one knows appropriate way of it's use, according to different, anatomy, methods, and problems.

We are also providing master classes and workshops on Planetary Singing Bowls sound healings/Therapies worldwide on request to use these precise instruments as alternative therapeutic/healing products to get full effect according to ancient natural medicines with connection of universe, living being and supreme creation.

It is best choice for professional sound Therapists, Healers, mediators musicians, Yoga Masters, Yogis, or individuals as best souvenirs or to give best gifts, to achieve deeper and complete relaxation, inner harmony, inner peace, to solve most of the problems.

Planet Name: OM
Chakra: Heart
Astrologique Association: cosmos, basic note
Overall Meaning: Universal Sound, sound of creation, eco- of universe, the primordial sound.
Basic Function: Relaxing, soothing, opening to above.

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Name: OM - Universal Sound, Planetary, Healing, Therapeutic, Himalayan, Handmade, Jambati Superior Real Antique Singing Bowl
Musical Note: C# (DO#)
Product size: Large
Product net weight: 1902 gm, 4.19 pound (app)
Product net diameter: 29 cm, 11.4 inch (app)
Product net height: 12.3 cm, 4.8 inch (app)
Product Color: Antique
Product type: Handmade, Jambati, Superior Real Antique
Age: We put it in Superior Real Antique in our category. It has been said and believed that this bowl is minimum 80-100 Years old but it could be much older according to it's look, feeling and other.

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